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Rochester Council on Aging Senior Center, 67 Dexter Lane, Rochester, MA 02770

Greetings from the Director

Welcome to the website for the Rochester Council on Aging and Senior Center, located on Dexter Lane in Rochester, Massachusetts! Our beautiful senior center was built in 2002, made possible by a Community Development Block Grant and the generosity of the citizens of the Town of Rochester. The FRIENDS of the Rochester Seniors provided funding to furnish the interior of the facility.

The FRIENDS of the Rochester Senior Center also recently funded and added an addition onto the kitchen area, which included expanded workspace, a dry storage room, and a walk-in refrigerator and freezer. We are so fortunate to have this lovely center for the programs and services for Rochester's older adults!

Many thanks to the students of the Computer Information Technology Department (Class of 2008) at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School. One of our goals is to be visible and accessible within the Rochester community and beyond, and this website is one very special way to make that happen!

We offer all types of information, programs, and services of interest to older adults here at the Senior Center, and we look forward to serving you in some way, as we continue to grow and to move forward in our mission of meeting the needs and interests of all Rochester older adults and their families.

We welcome all of your ideas and your comments, and even your concerns. Please feel free to contact us at director.rcoa@comcast.net. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sharon Lally,

Our Mission

The mission of the Rochester Council on Aging is to advocate and support the community's older adults, their families, and their caregiver's while promoting independent and positive lifestyles, in a welcoming and secure environment.

The Rochester Council on Aging, a department of the Town of Rochester, is dedicated to serving older adults and assisting their families and friends with aging issues. In cooperation with other organiziations, the Council on Aging serves both elders who are well and those with some degree of frailty. Our professional office staff, both paid and volunteer, are at the Rochester Senior Center. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

Work Hours:

Is the Senior Center Right For You?

Stop in to see us! We are a drop-in day center for independent older adults to meet friends, take a class, enjoy hot lunch, attend a lecture, volunteer, play a game, read the newspapaer, get on-line, or whatever! It's a busy place with something for everyone!

No Longer Drive? No Problem! We will provide transportation within Rochester to the Senior Center. Just call us at 508-763-8723.

Informational, Educational, and Recreational Activities

Rochester Council on Aging
Senior Center - Rochester, MA

Special Events

Occasionally we offer special programs on topics we think most older adults would find interesting or important. Some events we have offered include:

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